For over 2 years ago, our beloved universe had pressed the pause button and hid the remote. For us at OOZOO, a watch brand that creates fashionable accessories that display time, it has been very ironic, given that a lot of us have been feeling like time stood still. However, the time has come to get back in control and hit the play button. As you may have read in the news, blogs and articles everything is slightly going back to the (new) normal. A new era has started and we are starting to be more positive, appreciative and hopeful for the future. Let’s be honest, the global lockdowns have also given us some new insights about things that were already there, but maybe got overlooked. We’re talking about the wonders in the world and the overall beauty of the universe that we are living in and how we should treasure this more. Therefore, our new Spring Summer Collection is an ode to our surroundings, space, roots, environment or in other words; L I F E.


For this collection we have segmented our admiration into a couple important aspects of life. We have tried to translate this into joyous summer series for the OOZOO Timepieces Collection. Each series represents an aspect of life that inspired our choice for materials, colors and design.